Q. What bait do we use ?

You do not handle any bait, we use feather lures that look like small bait fish to mackerel, three hooks per rod, you will often catch three mackerel at a time !

Q. How do you know where the fish are ?

Mackerel tend to gather in the same areas, and over many years the skipper has become familiar with the “hotspots”, also to enhance our chances we carry the latest electronic fish detecting equipment, trechnology that allows the skipper to “see the fish”. As we drive along ask the skipper for a demo !. The skipper can also contact other local fishermen via mobile phone or VHF radio.

Q. How deep is it where we fish ?

Between 10 -25 metres.

Q. What if I have never fished before ?

No problem – this is the easiest fishing you wil ever do, you will recieve one – to – one tuition.

Q. Can the dog come along ?

Yes as long as it is of a quiet nature.

Q. Can my children wear lifejackets ?

Yes – just ask the skipper.

Q. what about disabled or wheelchairs ?

Not a problem, although prior notice if possible is appreciated.

Q. Can we keep our fish ?

Yes – also ask the skipper for a filleting demonstration and cooking tips.

Q. Will the sea be rough ?

If the sea is very rough, we do not sail. On the day it’s down to the skippers discretion, but we don’t want any bad experiences or injuries.

Q. Do you catch any other species other than Mackerel ?

Yes, we catch Gurnard, Scad, Bream, Bass, Garfish, Smoothound, Herring, Squid, Cuttlefish and Thornback Ray.

Q. Do we need to bring any gear with us ?

No – everything is provided.

Q. Where is the best place to park in Tenby ?

We would recommend the “Butts Field” car park, which has a “free bus – park and ride” facility to and from the Harbour – every 10 minutes ( £1.60/Day 18 July to 6 Sept) Optionally, the Multi Storey Car Park next to the new Sainsburys supermarket is £1.60/Day on first floor and above. 10 mins walk thru town to the harbour. For your cars GPS the postcodes are as follows, Butts Field SA70 7LT and the Multi Storey is SA70 8AQ. Tenby’s Tourist information Center phone number is 01834 842402.

Q. What if the tide is out, how do we get onboard the boat ?

When the tide is out of the Harbour, we use a mobile jetty on the castle beach ( same as used by the Caldey Island boats ).

Q. Can we charter the boat for our own personal trip ?

Yes, by prior arrangement, we can take your family / party on a “personal charter” where you can opt to fish, swim around a secluded island beach and barbeque your mackerel on board, all while taking in the stunning scenery and wildlife, i.e Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbil, Cormorants, Gannets and Seals. A childrens favourite is examining the contents of the skippers lobster pot ! – Please contact John for more details of this increasingly popular trip.

Q. Do you have any other recommendations?

Book Early

Bring a bag for your catch

Use the toilet before sailing

Allow time to park in Tenby

Don’t forget the Camera !

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